Friday May 29th, 2020



We offer to our customers full support for all their needs in Information Technology:

Hardware & networks
We can help you to design and create your information infrastructure, based on the latest technologies and a bes-fit solution. We can deliver a complete system - from hardware procurement, cabling and hardware installation, software implementation and configuration - to staff training.

Application Development
Whether you need systems that can be used over the Internet or a database used by just a few users in your office, Syllabos has the experience and skill to create solutions that work.

Web Hosting
A fast and reliable Web site is crucial for your business. This is especially true if your site is used for any type of e-commerce. Our state-of-the-art facility has the hardware and infrastructure to ensure the highest level of uptime and availability.

Web Design
Effective communications must be the first goal of business design. We can make your business stand out. Web, multi-media and print design that is as functional as it is esthetically sound.

Technical Support & Training
Your technology is your company's lifeblood. You need it to work smoothly all the time. We can help you to reach this goal giving to you and to your staff all the skills needed.

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